Tower bridge London opening times

Tower Bridge, London: A Guide to Opening Times and Visiting

Tower Bridge, an emblematic symbol of London, is not just a feat of Victorian engineering but also a must-visit tourist attraction. Understanding its opening times is essential for planning your visit to this iconic structure. This article provides a detailed overview of the Tower Bridge opening times and other relevant information to enhance your visit.

Overview of Tower Bridge

Constructed between 1886 and 1894, Tower Bridge is both a functional bascule and suspension bridge and a historical monument. It spans the River Thames near the Tower of London, from which it derives its name. The bridge is famous for its distinctive twin towers, Victorian Gothic architecture, and the glass-floored walkways offering panoramic views of London.

Tower Bridge Opening Times

  1. General Opening Hours:
  • Tower Bridge is open to visitors most days of the year. Typically, the bridge and its exhibition are open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (last admission at 5:00 pm).
  • These times can vary, especially during holiday seasons or special events. It’s recommended to check the official Tower Bridge website for the most current information.
  1. Bridge Lift Times:
  • A unique feature of Tower Bridge is its ability to lift the bascules for river traffic. These lifts are scheduled in advance and are a spectacular sight.
  • The bridge lift times are posted on the Tower Bridge website, usually available a month in advance.

Planning Your Visit

  • Best Time to Visit: Mornings or late afternoons are typically less crowded. Weekdays are quieter compared to weekends.
  • Duration of Visit: Allocate around 2 to 3 hours for a relaxed visit, including time for the exhibition and walkways.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition

  • What to Expect: The exhibition provides insight into the history and functioning of the bridge. It includes access to the high-level walkways with glass floors, the Victorian engine rooms, and interactive displays.
  • Admission Fees: There is an admission fee for the exhibition, with discounts available for children, students, and seniors. Family tickets and online booking discounts are also available.

Additional Attractions

  • Nearby Sights: The Tower of London, HMS Belfast, and the Shard are within walking distance. Combining these attractions can make for a full day of exploration.
  • Gift Shop and Cafe: The Tower Bridge Exhibition has a gift shop with souvenirs and a café for refreshments with a view of the Thames.


  • Accessibility: Tower Bridge is committed to being accessible to all visitors. There are lifts to the walkways and the engine rooms, and wheelchairs are available on request.

Photography and Souvenirs

  • Photography: Visitors are encouraged to take photos, especially from the walkways, which offer stunning views of the city.
  • Souvenirs: The gift shop at the exhibition sells a range of souvenirs, from postcards and books to themed merchandise.

Conclusion Tower Bridge Opening hours

Visiting Tower Bridge is an opportunity to step into a piece of London’s history while enjoying breathtaking views of the city. Knowing the opening times and planning your visit accordingly can greatly enhance the experience. Whether you’re witnessing the bridge lift, exploring the Victorian engine rooms, or walking across the glass floor high above the river, Tower Bridge offers a unique and memorable experience in the heart of London.