Tower bridge entry fee

Tower Bridge: Exploring London’s Iconic Landmark Without an Entry Fee

Tower Bridge, an emblem of London’s historical grandeur and engineering ingenuity, stands over the River Thames as one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Constructed between 1886 and 1894, this iconic bascule and suspension bridge has fascinated visitors with its Victorian Gothic architecture and its pivotal role in London’s maritime history. While Tower Bridge is a functioning bridge allowing road and pedestrian traffic to cross the River Thames at no cost, it also houses the Tower Bridge Exhibition, a feature that delves deeper into the bridge’s history and mechanics. This article focuses on the nuances of visiting Tower Bridge, highlighting the distinction between accessing the bridge itself and the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

Tower Bridge: A Free Passage

Walking across Tower Bridge offers an unparalleled experience of London at no charge. Pedestrians can traverse the walkways, enjoying up-close views of the bridge’s towers, its intricate metal framework, and the busy waterway below. This free access allows visitors to appreciate the architectural marvel in its entirety, witness the bridge’s lifting schedule, and capture stunning photographs of the London skyline.

The Experience of Walking Tower Bridge

As you step onto Tower Bridge, the panoramic views of London unfold in a breathtaking spectacle. To the west, the Tower of London stands as a testament to the city’s turbulent past, while the modern Shard skyscraper pierces the sky to the south. The walk across the bridge is more than a crossing; it’s a journey through London’s layered history, seen from the vantage point of one of its most storied landmarks.

Tower Bridge Exhibition: A Paid Experience

For those wishing to delve deeper into the history and engineering behind Tower Bridge, the Tower Bridge Exhibition offers an immersive experience. This paid feature grants access to the bridge’s high-level walkways, the Victorian engine rooms, and a glass floor offering a bird’s-eye view of the bridge and traffic below.

What the Exhibition Offers

  1. High-Level Walkways: Positioned 42 meters above the River Thames, these walkways provide stunning panoramic views of London. The glass floor section adds a thrilling perspective, allowing visitors to watch bridge lifts from above.
  2. Victorian Engine Rooms: These rooms house the original steam engines, coal burners, and accumulators that once powered the bridge’s lifts. The exhibition explains the fascinating mechanics behind the bridge’s operation in detail.
  3. Interactive Displays: The exhibition includes interactive kiosks and displays that narrate the history of Tower Bridge, from its construction to its role in the life of modern London.

Entry Fees and Planning Your Visit

While walking across Tower Bridge is free, the Tower Bridge Exhibition requires the purchase of a ticket. Entry fees vary based on age, with discounts available for children, students, seniors, and families. It’s advisable to check the official Tower Bridge website for the most current pricing, as well as information on opening hours and any potential closures due to maintenance or private events.

Making the Most of Your Visit

To fully appreciate Tower Bridge, both the free and paid experiences offer unique perspectives:

  • Check the Lift Times: Time your visit to coincide with the bridge lifts, a remarkable sight as the bascules rise to allow ships to pass through.
  • Combine Experiences: Start with a free walk across Tower Bridge, taking in the architectural details and views. Then, explore the Tower Bridge Exhibition for a comprehensive understanding of the bridge’s history and mechanics.
  • Photography Tips: The early morning and late afternoon offer the best light for photography, casting the bridge and the Thames in a golden glow.


Tower Bridge remains one of London’s most celebrated attractions, captivating visitors with its architectural beauty and historical significance. Whether choosing the free experience of walking across the bridge or opting for the comprehensive Tower Bridge Exhibition, visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable encounter with one of the city’s most enduring symbols. Tower Bridge not only connects the two banks of the Thames but also bridges London’s past with its present, offering a timeless journey through the heart of the city.