Where is the nearest tube to the London Bridge experience?

Exploring the London Bridge Experience: Finding the Nearest Tube Station

The London Bridge Experience is a popular attraction in London, known for its engaging and somewhat spine-chilling tour through the historical and haunted past of the famous London Bridge and the surrounding area. For visitors planning to dive into this blend of history and horror, navigating London’s vast transport network efficiently is essential. This article provides detailed information on reaching the London Bridge Experience via the London Underground, including the nearest tube stations and some helpful travel tips to enhance your visit.

The London Bridge Experience: An Overview

Located in the vaults of the historic London Bridge, the London Bridge Experience offers a combination of education and entertainment, delivering a multisensory journey through the dark and turbulent history of one of London’s oldest and most famous landmarks. The experience includes aspects of the bridge’s history, from its Roman roots through the Viking age, and into the medieval period, culminating in the spooky Tombs experience.

Nearest Tube Stations to the London Bridge Experience

1. London Bridge Station

  • Distance: Directly adjacent to the attraction.
  • Lines: Served by the Northern Line (Bank branch) and the Jubilee Line.
  • Additional Transport Options: This station also hosts a busy railway station, which is a stop for Southern, Thameslink, and Southeastern trains, providing additional connectivity across London and beyond.

2. Monument Station

  • Distance: Approximately a 10-minute walk across London Bridge.
  • Lines: Served by the Circle and District Lines.
  • Walking Directions: Exiting from Monument Station, walk east towards King William Street, continue straight onto London Bridge, and then follow the signs to the London Bridge Experience located on the south side of the river.

3. Tower Hill Station

  • Distance: Roughly a 15-minute walk.
  • Lines: Served by the Circle and District Lines.
  • Walking Directions: Walk west along the north side of the River Thames on the Tower Bridge Approach, cross over Tower Bridge, and then turn left onto Tooley Street, walking straight until you reach the London Bridge Experience.

Travel Tips for Visiting the London Bridge Experience

Planning Your Journey:

  • Avoid Peak Hours: To enjoy a more leisurely visit to the London Bridge Experience, consider traveling outside of the peak commuter times, especially early mornings and late afternoons on weekdays.
  • Check for Service Updates: Before setting off, it’s wise to check the Transport for London (TfL) website or app for any service updates or planned engineering works that might affect your route to the London Bridge area.

Purchasing Tickets:

  • Oyster Cards and Contactless Payments: For ease and savings, use an Oyster card or a contactless debit/credit card to pay for your tube travel. These options are usually cheaper than buying a paper ticket and offer the same access to the underground network.
  • Travelcards: If you plan on using multiple forms of public transport throughout the day or are staying in London for several days, consider purchasing a Travelcard, which offers unlimited travel within certain zones.


  • London Bridge Station: This station is equipped with lifts, escalators, and ramps, making it accessible for those with mobility impairments or visitors with strollers.
  • Visitor Facilities: Within the London Bridge Experience, there are facilities to accommodate those with disabilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the attraction.


The London Bridge Experience is a must-visit for those interested in the rich and sometimes eerie history of London Bridge. With London Bridge Station as the nearest tube station offering direct access to the attraction, getting there is convenient and quick. By planning your visit in advance, checking travel updates, and utilizing the best ticket options for your travel style, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience exploring one of London’s top attractions.